Pamela Wing

Professional Harpist 





About Pam

She began her musical education with piano lessons at the age of 6 and then moved on to the harp at the age of 11.  Her passion led her to study at San Francisco State University. Pam has performed in musicals, churches and many weddings and events. Playing with the La Jolla Symphony and the Inland Valley Symphony. While living in Scotland for several years she studied Celtic music.   Pam currently plays banquets, weddings, and events. She preforms live worship music in a contemporary setting using unique improvisation skills. This has lead to studio recordings, she played on 4 instrumental albums of classic Hymns and other contemporary projects.

" Having Pam Wing play the harp at our Christmas Dessert was like a taste of heaven. When told me later that they had never been so touched by in instrumental piece . Pam is anointed,extremely talented and all who have the honor of hearing her would agree."
Cathy Taylor
Calvary Fellowship Seattle
Women's Ministries
“I love hearing Pam Wing play the harp. She is a gifted musician with a heart of gold! I have no idea how she brings such beautiful sounds out of all those strings!”
Cheryl Broaderson

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